June 2008

Hard times often cause people to change. I see this in the jail all the time. A couple of pastors and a few members from the Vida Nueva Church have joined me in fasting and praying every Tuesday for several weeks for our church. God has responded in very interesting ways. First, Pastor Joe Strong certainly has become closer to his Savior and Lord. Our church has begun to look up and we have more hope. Our worship services are becoming more joyful. Our members are becoming more active. Our attendance is once more improving. Hard times often build character.

Recently our Vida Nueva Church received a letter from Edgar and Flor, a couple who had been leaders in our Mt.Vernon church. They had returned to Mexico because a family member was dying and they want to share Christ with him before he left this world. Edgar had led Bible studies and preached many times. We taught him to play the keyboard. Now, we received a letter asking for our church to help him with funds for a church plant in his village in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our people rallied around this cause and decided that we would do all in our power to finance this couple. We took an offering of over $450 last week. We plan a garage sale for June 21. Later in August, we hope to have a car wash. Pray for us as we try to bless this new work.

Jose and Rosa invited our Amor Viviente Church to host their daughter’s First Communion dinner. Of course, I said "yes" and so we had a delicious meal of barbecued goat right after our morning service. Jose and Rosa have been attending our church in Lynden, WA for about 5 months. They haven’t missed a service. They are making transitions from their former ways of the worship of saints, Mariology and accepting everything that was taught them. So one Saturday night, Susanna took part in her First Communion in the Catholic Church and Sunday morning the entire family was in our church. Jose and Rosa enjoy our Scripture focused studies, joyful worship and our warm family atmosphere. Last week Rosa volunteered to be our church’s treasurer because she has experience in that area. Pray for the Garcia family as they make our church their church home.

CRC Home Missions gives financial help for limited amounts of time. The funding for this ministry ended last year causing a $600 deficit each month. I am asking you, my supporters, to help with making up the difference. Prayerfully ask the Lord for guidance as to what you can give.

Keep this ministry in your prayers. God is very actively working in and among us. It is a great joy to serve our God and to serve His church.

En Cristo Jesus,

Jose Strong