March 2009

“Pastor could you talk with me?” was the request of Roberto, a drug addict for 13 years. I spent 45 minutes talking with this 28 year old who confessed to me that he was completely lost and needed help. I reached my hand through the small gap and placed it on Roberto’s head, then prayed with all my strength, “God Almighty with your power burn through my hands into Roberto’s head and heal the place of addiction in this man.” I then asked Roberto if he had ever accepted Jesus as his Savior. He said he didn’t know how. I then explained the scriptures and led him in a prayer to accept Jesus and put God first in his life. This event happens over and over again as I minister to inmates in the Whatcom County Jail. My job is not to save but to lead people to the Savior. I sow seeds everywhere I go and pray that God will bless the work of my hands.

Recently, I restarted the steering committee in the Vida Nueva Church in Mt. Vernon and formed for the first time the steering committee in the Amor Viviente Church, Lynden. These committees are meant as a pre-consistory. Pray for both of these churches as they make more and more decisions on their own. I am also starting a teaching series on hermeneutics, the study of God’s Word. This is one of four series I will be presenting to the combined churches this year on Saturday mornings.

In December, the Amor Viviente Church had a float in the Lynden Christmas Parade. Marv Apol along with others in our church organized a hay wagon with a manger, cross and empty tomb all lit up. Our church members sat on hay bales and sang Christmas songs in Spanish. Even though it rained most of the time, everybody had a great experience. Later in December, the two churches got together and had a Christmas party.

It is very encouraging to the Christian Reformed Spanish speaking churches in western Washington to do things together.

It was time for testimonies in our Vida Nueva Church this past Sunday, when Yolanda stood up clutching her baby, with tears in her eyes, and said, “I want to thank God for the help that this church has given me. I have never belonged to a church before that cares so much for its members.” Yolanda’s husband, Francisco has lost his job because of the economic downturn. What a testimony to Francisco, who has never darkened the door of a church! As our churches reach out to the Spanish speaking community, we thank the greater CRC community that supports this ministry. Remember this work of God in your prayers and financial giving.

En el nombre de Cristo,
Jose Strong